Jeroen van de Camp

Owner Team ACL & FC Kruisband

ACL experience expert

My name is Jeroen and I am an ACL experience expert, not a medical professional.

I have ruptured the ACL of my left knee three times while playing football. In 2003 (22 years old), 2004 and 2009. Since the moment I’ve re-ruptured my ACL in 2004, the ACL injury has fascinated me. From that moment, I’ve wanted to know everything about the ACL and gathered as much information as possible.

My goal is to help, inspire and motivate ACL patients with information about this heavy injury. Most important: make sure ACL patients find the best treatment options!

FC Kruisband

I’ve started my new (big) “hobby” in 2010.
I’ve made a website called (it means FC ACL in Dutch). I’ve collected a lot of data about ACL injuries, I’ve connected with physio therapists and doctors, I have seen a lot of ACL surgeries, made connections with patients of all levels, gave some presentations, set up patient events in football stadiums and I organize my own ACL course. FC Kruisband is an established name in the Netherlands with a lot of views, also on the social media (LinkedIn, Instagram en Facebook). Due to this website I’ve created a huge ACL network in the Netherlands.

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Team ACL

In 2020 I made a next step with the website who is online since January 2021. Again with the same primary goal: make sure ACL patients find the best treatment options! But now worldwide.

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Team ACL is a worldwide digital network to bring ACL patients and ACL professionals together. Team ACL helps connecting ACL patients with ACL professionals. Worldwide, wherever you are.

I think it makes sense to make a group of ACL professionals visible online where patients can find information about this serious injury. It is also possible to share a lot of knowledge with a big group of professionals.

What do you think?
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An ACL injury is not the end. It’s the beginning of another chapter.

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