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Every ACL patient has the right to find optimal care during their ACL journey. Worldwide, wherever they are.

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Team ACL

Jeroen van de Camp is an ACL experience expert, not a medical professional.

His goal is to help, inspire and motivate ACL patients with information about this heavy injury. Most important: make sure ACL patients find the best treatment options!

Jeroen has ruptured the ACL on his left knee three times while playing football. In 2003 (22 years old), 2004 and 2009. “Since the moment I’ve re-ruptured my ACL in 2004, the ACL injury has fascinated me. From that moment, I’ve wanted to know everything about the ACL and gathered as much information as possible.”

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Partner & Ambassador
Team ACL

Tom Patt, MD, PhD, Orthopedic Surgeon is an ACL nerd. Since his first steps in his career into orthopedics is Tom fascinated by this small, but cruciate ligament. Nowadays he is arthroscopic knee specialist at bergmanclinics Rotterdam, treating mainly ACL and PCL lesions.

Next to this he is vice president of ESMA/ESSKA (2022-2024), member of the faculty for the ACL expert certificate of ESSKA, (co-)founder of 3 ACL prevention initiatives (join(t) forces, The Netherlands; stop-x, Germany &  ” prevention for all” , ESMA) and is a well known invited speaker in this field on many national and international congresses.

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Partner & Ambassador
Team ACL

Nicky van Melick has been a sports physical therapist specialised in ACL rehabilitation for 15 years, until she decided to quit her job as a physio in October 2022. She obtained her PhD, with the topic of ACL rehabilitation and return to sports, in 2019.

Nowadays, she’s working as a post-doc researcher in sports orthopedics, still trying to improve day-to-day care for every ACL patient. Team ACL is one of the tools to help achieve this goal.


ACL patients often don’t have a clue who to go to for surgery and/or rehabilitation. Connecting these patients with ACL professionals is important for an optimal recovery.

Why is it quite normal for products as your smartphone, bicycle or holiday to compare providers at the internet?
However, why don’t you make this comparison for optimal healthcare…?


Trustworthy and transparant.

A worldwide digital network to bring ACL patients and ACL professionals together. The Team ACL website helps connecting ACL patients with ACL professionals. Worldwide, wherever you are.


Each ACL patient will be able to make the right choices for optimal care during his ACL journey.

The Team ACL website offers you close to your home possibilities for recovery and/or surgery in a trustworthy and transparant way, wherever you live. By gaining insight into the differences between healthcare professionals you are able to make you own best-informed decisions.

Make sure you achieve your own goals! View all ACL professionals and compare them to create your own ACL treatment team and come back stronger!


ACL professionals all over the world may subscribe to gain more visibility for ACL patients.

ACL professionals create their own account which gives the ACL patient insight into the differences  (for instance: years of experience, annual treatment numbers, surgical techniques, clinic location, clinic facilities) between healthcare professionals. In this way, the ACL patient able to make his own best-informed decisions.

Team ACL is neutral and independent.

More about me: Jeroen

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