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Re-tear rates

Re-tear rates are between 20-25%.
This is mostly due to poor quality of care and understanding of what a full recovery looks like.

– As much as 30% of under 20 year olds will sustain a 2nd ACL injury within 2yrs upon return to sport (compared to 5-10% of older age groups).

Grindem et al

– Patients who returned to level I sports had a 4.32 times higher reinjury rate than those who did not.

– The reinjury rate was significantly reduced by 51% for each month RTS was delayed until 9 months after surgery.

– 38.2% of those who failed RTS criteria suffered reinjuries versus 5.6% of those who passed.

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Webster & Feller et al

– 84% of non-professional ACLR athletes expected to return to sport by 12 months. 24% achieved this goal.

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Greenberg et al

– 56% of Physios surveyed used manual muscle testing as their only means of strength testing ACLR patients.

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Ardern et al

– Approximately 81% of patients return to any kind of sport, 65% return to their pre-injury level of sports participation and only 55% return to competitive sports.

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Fältström et al

– 42% of female football players who returned to sport after ACL reconstruction suffered a new ACL injury.

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Feucht et al

– Patient expectations of returning to the same level of sports are high: 91% of patients expect to return without problems.

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– 70% of ACL injuries are non-contact.

– 80,000 to 250,000 ACL injuries occur annually in the USA with about 100,000 reconstruction surgeries.

– 6th most common orthopedic procedure in USA.

– Female athletes are 2.4 top 9.7 times more likely to sustain an ACL injury than male athletes.

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