An ACL injury is not the end. It’s the beginning of another chapter.

I think it made me mentally stronger.

Don’t rush off your crutches. Walk normally without pain before getting rid of them.

20% of your rehab success is the right program and guidance. 80% is you doing the work in the program.

The better you move and the stronger your knee and leg before surgery, the stronger and more functional you’ll be after surgery—and even two years later, research shows.

Work to control swelling, walk without a limp and fully straighten (extend) your leg before and after surgery.

Forget the number of months post-surgery you are. Base your progress on how you function at each phase, not time.

ACL recovery timelines are estimates. Everyone progresses differently.

Your dedication and compliance to your home exercise program is key to successful rehabilitation. You want your reconstructed knee to serve you for a lifetime. Work with your ACL rehab team on achieving your goals.

Measure your progress in each phase by strength and function testing by a trained medical professional. You can’t do it yourself.

Frustration is normal. Be patient.

Focus on short-term goals for long-term gains.

ACL grafts are weakest 5 to 12 weeks after surgery.

A good ACL rehabilitation takes time: on average nine to twelve months.

Testing by a trained ACL professional is critical for your return to your sport. Accurate monitoring can reduce the risk of retearing your ACL as well as injury to your other knee.

Patience again: Even if you pass the tests in each rehabilitation phase, your knee may be unready for competition. It’s important to start with lower-stress training or practice before attempting full competition.

You can’t win the battle in the first 6 weeks but you can certainly lose it in the first 6 weeks, 

Don’t compare yourself to others who’ve had ACL reconstruction. Your body is different. Your surgery might have been different. You have your own strengths and obstacles.

Return to sport is a marathon, not a sprint. Stick with the plan.