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    Drew Dudek, PT, DPT, ATC

    Sports Performance Physical Therapist at Healthy Baller in Alexandria, VA.
    5 years
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    About Drew Dudek, PT, DPT, ATC

    My name is Drew Dudek and I am a Sports Physical Therapist at Healthy Baller in Alexandria, VA. I am originally from Pinckneyville, Illinois and grew up playing mainly Basketball and Baseball. I went on to play Basketball at the Division 2 level at Mckendree University in Illinois. I studied Athletic Training at Mckendree, which allowed me to get a lot of on field coverage and experience with athletic injuries. I had a few injuries in my career as well that led to me having to go through Physical Therapy. The process fascinated me and I wanted to be able to help people get back to their sport or to whatever goals they had.

    I went to Physical Therapy school at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I began my career as a PT in 2018 in St. Louis and recently made the jump to Healthy Baller and it has been a dream come true. I mainly treat high school and college athletes and 40-50% of my population is knee rehabilitation. I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best PTs and strength coaches out there and it has really taken my career to the next level. I truly enjoy treating athletes and I am excited to continue helping athletes of all ages get back to doing the things they love.
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    Work experience

    • 2018 - Been in Sports and Outpatient Orthopedics since 2018.