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    John McGeorge, PT, DPT

    A USA-Based Physical Therapist with a passion for supporting someone through their ACL Journey and discovering their potential
    3 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / John McGeorge, PT, DPT
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    About John McGeorge, PT, DPT

    I'm USA-based Physical Therapist who graduated from Sacred Heart University '19 in Fairfield, CT and currently work in Houston, TX. I have approximately 2-3 years experience and specialization in orthopedics (completion of a Residency Program with Houston Methodist Sugar Land Orthopedics). While I treat different athletes at varying level of skill my passion lies with both soccer and basketball players. My philosophy includes management of a patients physical AND mental impairments to get them from the table to the field as quickly as possible.
    “Today is victory over yourself of yesterday - Miyamoto Musashi”

    Work experience

    • 2 - Since 2019

    Memberships of professional organizations

    • 2016- - American Physical Therapy Association – Connecticut Chapter
    • 2019- - American Physical Therapy Association – Texas Chapter
    • 2019- - American Physical Therapy Association – Sport Section
    • 2018- - American Physical Therapy Association – Orthopaedic Section