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    Jos van Geffen, PT, Msc.

    The rehabilitation for athletes requires a well structured program, where the athlete, physiotherapist, orthopaedic surgeon work together closely.
    18 years
    avg. ACL rehabilitations yearly
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    About Jos van Geffen, PT, Msc.

    The rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has a huge impact on an athlete. To reintegrate into the athlete’s sport-specific practice requires a long rehabilitation trajectory that is designed to the particular needs of the athlete. Whether the athlete chooses to rehabilitate through surgery or conservatively, both trajectories will demand a high level of discipline to succeed.

    Jos van Geffen is a very experienced physiotherapist, and a member of the board of Fysiotherapie Adams in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Due to his experience and his studies, he developed a great passion for the ACL. In his practice, he focusses on the pre- and post surgical ACL rehabilitation, diagnostics and the treatment of acute and chronic knee, ankle and hip injuries. He leads rehabilitation programs of various (high level) athletes in football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and handball in and around Alkmaar, together with a well-trained and close team of physiotherapists.

    The rehabilitation for (high level) athletes requires a well structured program, where the athlete, physiotherapist, orthopaedic surgeon and coach work together closely to ensure the optimal results for the athlete. This is only successful when the athlete can fully return to his or her play, which means the trajectory will be customised to the needs of the sport-specific situation: the training will be done in- and outside of the facility. The friendly atmosphere, good sport-mentality and the assembly of different athletes with the same trajectory, motivates the athlete to successfully complete his or her intense rehabilitation process. Fysiotherapie Adams creates a safe environment to integrate hard work with different professionals, personal guidance and good communication for an optimal rehabilitation of the ACL.