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    Katelijne Weijland, MSc

    MSc in sport physiotherapy. Sport specific rehabilitation for complex hip, knee and ankle injuries.
    8 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    FysioHolland Sport en Beweegcentrum Tergooi Hilversum en Weesp
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Katelijne Weijland, MSc
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    About Katelijne Weijland, MSc

    From the beginning of her career she has been involved in orthopedic and sports complaints of the lower extremity and in the following years she has continued to delve further into (traumatic) knee injuries such as ACL.

    Katelijne has been involved in various sports clubs as a sports physiotherapist. She was member of the Dutch Basketball Men U16 medicalteam during various European Championships.

    As a sports physiotherapist, Katelijne analyzes the sport that the athlete practices, this is the basis of rehabilitation. In this way, Katelijne strives for a sport-specific, functional (strength) training with the highest possible transfer to the sport: This contributes to improving the performance of the athlete, which makes the risk of recurrence as small as possible.

    During the rehabilitation, Katelijne assesses, through analyzes of the movement pattern, whether the athlete meets all the requirements that the sport makes of him or her. In this way, the safest possible return to performance can be pursued.

    Katelijne not only has an eye for the physical aspect, an ACL rehabilitation not only demands a lot from the athlete physically but also mentally. A lot of attention is paid to this mental readiness and overcoming any fears.

    Together we will get everything out of rehabilitation!

    Work experience

    • 2014-2020 - FysioHolland Amsterdam Oosterpark en Zuid-Oost
    • 2020 - heden - Fysioholland Sport en Beweegcentrum Weesp en Hilversum