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    Marcel Fortunati

    Rehabilitation with the "return to play" principle, athletes of all levels.
    19 years
    avg. ACL rehabilitations yearly
    Blessure Den Haag
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    About Marcel Fortunati

    More than 30 years of experience with sports injuries and the last 10 years in particular rehabilitation of athletes with an ACL-reconstruction. We work with the "return to sport" principle to help athletes get back to their sport level prior to the ACL trauma.

    In our accommodation of 600 square meters with pro-level equipment and experienced physio we can rehabilitate at pro-athletes standards. Through the years we've helped athletes of Olympic-, premier league soccer, Davis-cup tennis level and a lot of amateurs in a variety sports back to their sport activities.

    During the year we see around 20 people after an ACL-Reconstruction, the complete rehabilitation with us varies from 10 to 12 months and sometimes it takes longer to return to sport.

    Not only the physical side but also the mental part of rehabilitation and return to play is very important.
    “Rehabilitation = 7 days a week”