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    Martijn Snoeck, MSc

    MSc in sport physiotherapy. Surgical and non-surgical sport specific rehabilitation of acl injury's.
    9 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    FysioHolland Laren
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Martijn Snoeck, MSc
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    About Martijn Snoeck, MSc

    Tearing a 2 cm ligament like the acl can be a life changing event. In 2008 i torn my acl with fieldhockey. After 10 months of rehabilitation i played hockey again and started my study physiotherapy because of it. Years after return to play i noticed that my reconstructed acl had no function anymore because of the laxity of my knee with testing. Dispite of having no functional acl i still play hockey, snowboard in the winter months and crossfit 3 times a week without any problems.
    I learned that wether you choose a operative or non operative management, doing sport specific rehabilitation with a physiotherapist who understands the underlying mechanism why somebody torns his acl and then trains with you for 9 months or longer sports specifically to prevent it from happening again is the best and safest way back to playing sports. Team acl can absolutely help you with find the right surgeon and physiotherapist who understands this.

    Now 13 years later i am a MSc sportphysiotherapist working for FysioHolland in Laren. I also work in the orthopedic centre of the hospital Tergooi in Hilversum. I have been the physio of the first mens hockey team of SV Kampong and the mens team rugby of RC Hilversum.

    The rehabilitation is hard and asks allot of commitment. Lets make it a personal, sport specific and fun journey while we are at it!
    “Do today what others wont, so tomorrow you can do what others cant”