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    Matt Konopinski

    Co-Founder and Head of Physiotherapy and Performance
    22 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    Rehab 4 Performance - Sports Injury Clinic
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    About Matt Konopinski

    Matt has extensive experience at the highest level of Mens’ Professional Football. Previous roles include Head of Physiotherapy at Liverpool, Rangers and Barnsley FC and Mens’ Team Physiotherapist at the FA.

    Specialising in lower limb rehabilitation Matt is passionate about human movement and it’s impact on injury and performance. His vision is to create an optimal team culture at R4P for staff and clients alike.

    R4P founders Matt Konopinski and Chris Morgan have drawn together a progressive partnership of physios, doctors, S&C coaches, psychologists and nutritionists.
    Acting as your personal team of medical and performance specialists, R4P deliver a truly holistic approach to your health, wellness and physical performance.

    We are eliminating the medical jargon that prevails in the industry, enabling our clients to control their route to wellness, mobility and freedom from pain.
    We are removing the red tape so EVERYONE can access elite healthcare and performance services. We are obsessive in our mission to get people better… ‘Your injury becomes our injury.’
    “Your injury becomes our injury”

    Work experience

    • 2021 - Director of Physio and Performance - Rehab 4 Performance
    • 2020 | 2021 - Head of Medical Services - Glasgow Rangers Football Club
    • 2018 | 2020 - Men's Team Physiotherapist - The Football Association
    • 2017 | 2018 - Head of Physiotherapy - Liverpool Football Club
    • 2009 | 2017 - First Team Physiotherapist - Liverpool Football Club
    • 2006 | 2008 - Physiotherapist - Barnsley Football Club