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    Nick van de Watering, MSc

    Sportsphysiotherapist experienced in treating ACL injuries (from own ACL injury and practice) with a passion for sports!
    10 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    FysioHolland Rotterdam
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Nick van de Watering, MSc
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    About Nick van de Watering, MSc

    My name is Nick van de Watering and since 2013 I work as a (sports)physiotherapist. My speciality is knee injuries, because I'm very interested in this area and because I had several knee injuries before myself. For me the knee is a very interesting joint which we use daily and especially with almost every sport.

    In 2017 I have torn the ACL of my left knee in a football match, which I got surgery for in 2018. I'm glad that I play football again since two years and I hope that I can help my clients as well with reaching their goals!

    Work experience

    • 2017 - now - Sportperformance Centre Rijnmond