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    Nils Müller

    Msc. Sportsphysio- and manual therapist (both at training) with special interest in rehabilitation of (complex) knee issues
    4 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
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    About Nils Müller

    Rehabbing an ACL- and accompaning injuries can be a sometimes overwhelming journey.
    It takes many months while almost certainly never being a linear process. Instead, one has to face ups and downs, times of solid progress and times of stagnation, throwbacks and pitfalls.

    Knowing about the injury, surgical options, treatment strategies and (must-reach-) criteria to progress through each stage is paramount for informed decisions, made by the athlete.

    I see it as my role as rehab specialists to educate, coordinate, draw up individual game plans, oversee prognostic factors, be alert for complications and offer fair advise.

    By collaborating with experienced surgeons, sports physicians, orthopedic doctors, sport scientists and psychologists, I strive to offer complete rehabilitation services to athletes from professional to recreational levels.

    Thinking and continuing rehab to the end means to progress until the athlete reaches all agreed-on criteria and has high confidence of returning to his/her beloved sport without an unnecessary re- or secondary injury.

    Returning to sport while not meeting normative values of un-injured populations means to put the patient on an unnecessary high level of risk.

    Ultimately, rehab means to recover, regain strength and skills, learn new things and return stronger, more confident in your abilities and more prepared than before.
    “There simply is no compromise to complete rehabilitation”

    Work experience

    • 1 - Alemannia Aachen u17 team physio
    • 2 - Alemannia Aachen first team physio and rehab coach
    • 2 - head of sports physiotherapy at
    • current - Physiotherapist Bayer 04 Leverkusen youth academy