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    Peter Loffeld

    Sports Rehab. Sports Fitness Training. Field rehab.
    11 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    Klinikk for Alle
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    About Peter Loffeld

    My main interest is long term sports rehab in general and pitch rehabilitation in specific. With all the aspects this process entails. The curiosity in pitch rehab accelerated after participating in courses with FCE, by Raymond Verheijen, for over a decade.

    The medical staff mentors at the courses, Stefan van Meenen and Mikael Kuijpers (both at Feyenoord), willingly share their experience and knowledge. I am really gratefull to be able to learn from them. Their critical questions and feedback make you think different about the question: Why are we doing what we are doing? What is best for the player/patient, at any moment in time, during the rehab process?

    We are helping a person with an knee injury, not only a knee. Every rehab process is different. There will always be a new challenge along the way. This makes our profession so interesting. What are we trying to achieve? How are we going to utilize our rehab tools to achieve this what?

    “Quality over Quantity.”