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    Stephanie Brunner, PT, DPT, PES

    Owner Venture Physical Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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    About Stephanie Brunner, PT, DPT, PES

    When I was 13 I started having knee pain while running that eventually made it hard to walk. At 14 I had my first knee surgery, and less than a year later I had a reconstructive procedure to correct the alignment in my knee. I was told at 15 years old that I would probably need a knee replacement by 35 and I would never run again. Thankfully, I had a PT at the time who didn't buy into that and helped me build my strength and confidence.
    I was better for about a decade before I dislocated my kneecap again due to instability caused by the first surgery, leading to multiple subluxations. In November 2021, I had a lateral retinacular reconstruction to improve the stability in my knee. I had a great surgeon and an awesome PT that helped me with that recovery. Now I'm back to lifting, jumping, and running, things that 15-year-old me thought were impossible.
    That's the power of PT. I love what I do and I think it can truly be life-changing. You don't need a major injury or surgery to see a PT. In fact, you don't need an injury at all! Whether you want to work on injury prevention, dealing with pain you've been having, or recovering from a major injury or surgery, I'd love to help you make a plan to reach your goals!