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    Svenja Gerritsen- van Breukelen, MSc.

    During what can be a long and arduous rehab, we aim to provide you with the best possible personalized program. This means test, treat, train, repeat.
    11 years
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    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Svenja Gerritsen- van Breukelen, MSc.
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    About Svenja Gerritsen- van Breukelen, MSc.

    As a physiotherapist who is specialized in sports injuries, I see a lot of ACL rehabs, no two of which are the same. Every patient has a different background in sports or otherwise, and each has their own goals they want to achieve. I have the knowledge to train you in a way specific to your sport, regardless of the position in which you play. I will help you regain your confidence and get you back to full strength.

    I am passionate about guiding my patients towards a full recovery and dedicate every day to honing my skills. Together, we will come up with the optimum program that will get you back to the level you are aiming for.

    Every three months we perform a range of tests to monitor your rehab. We use the results to create a personalized rehab program that we can adapt whenever necessary. At a sports-specific rehab center, we are able to provide you with individual training at your current level and guide you towards your goal. We have at our disposal various tools for training the kinetic chain. As such, we focus not only on strengthening your knee, but your whole body.
    “Relax, I've done this before”