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    Vincent Bindervoet, MSc

    Combining the qualities of a science nerd and a somewhat sadistic S&C trainer into one person. Your rehab will be tough, but your knee will thank you.
    7 years
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    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Vincent Bindervoet, MSc
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    About Vincent Bindervoet, MSc

    The average number of ACL reruptures is too high. Let’s work together on doing your rehab the right way once and for all.

    ACL rehab is tough, both mentally and physically. Every now and then you will be done with it, but at those moments, I am here to help you.
    I have been working in orthopedic rehabilitation since 2016 with a keen interest in ACL rehab.

    One of the greatest pitfalls in orthopedic rehab is that training is simply not hard enough, either in strength or in conditioning. How are we expecting people to return to their sport if they cannot meet normative values for the non-injured population? Running 5K should not be a problem if you want to get back on the soccer field.

    “Make sure that you are the fittest player on the field. Keep working on your fitness, even after rehab has ended.”

    Work experience

    • 2021-present - Fysiofabriek, physical therapy and manual therapy, orthopedic rehab.
    • 2016-2021 - Geeresteingroep, Physical therapy in orthopedic rehab, lower extremity.
    • 2015-2021 - Sportscarer in/at soccerteams, dance performances and rugby tournaments.

    Memberships of professional organizations

    • 2016-present - SportGericht, Journal for literature in movement.
    • 2019-present - Physionetwork, online journal with monthly research reviews
    • 2018-present - Trust-Me ED, online webinars for physical therapists.