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    Zak Woodward, MS, CSCS

    Former collegiate athlete and Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach Unique training methods to help athletes recover sooner, safer, stronger
    2 years
    avg. athletes per yearly
    The Athletic Transformation Project
    ACL Professionals / Athletic trainer / Zak Woodward, MS, CSCS
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    About Zak Woodward, MS, CSCS

    Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience coaching professional athletes, Division 1 National Champions, and a 2022 FIFA World Cup participant.

    I been personally trained by Ben Patrick (aka Knees Over Toes Guy) and use his and other cutting edge methods to get results traditional methods can't match.

    To date I have helped over 40 athletes come back from serious knee injuries and compete at a high level with zero, yes zero, cases of re-injury.

    “Don't just recover, come back stronger”