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    Andrew Goodall, MSc, BSc, MCSP

    I specialise in all things knee but my passion is ACL rehab whether it be surgical or non-surgical approach, prehab or rehabilitation.
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    About Andrew Goodall, MSc, BSc, MCSP

    I am a specialist Musculoskeletal physiotherapist with an interest in all things knee but more specifically the management of non-operative and surgical management of ACL injuries. I provide bespoke rehabilitation designed to get you back effectively and safely in a timely fashion.

    My passion is in helping clients return back to their sport utilising the most up to date methods based the best evidence available. 

    I have worked in a wide variety of settings including the NHS, sport, and now private practice. I am based at Pure Sports Medicine Canary Wharf where i manage the team clinically and have a busy clinical list too. Our team ethos is what really sets us apart. I have fast access to sports and exercise medicine consultants, S&C coaches, podiatrists, Pilates instructors, Soft tissue therapy, Osteopathy and more. This allows me to meet the needs of any client and take their rehab to the limit to ensure we can provide an elite service and be confident that we are providing the best approach to meet the demands of the patient / client in front of me.
    “Consistency trumps intensity every time”