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    Ben Moes, M.Sc. PT

    Physiotherapist center in his 2nd generation. Located in Luxembourg-Merl, our team offers orthopaedic, post-surgery and sports-related rehabilitation.
    11 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
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    About Ben Moes, M.Sc. PT

    Kine MOES offers a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to our patients orthopaedic rehabilitation.
    In our practice where our physical therapists are/were athletes themselves, you will receive the most accurate treatment when it comes to your musculoskeletal condition. We offer tailored medical programs including physical and sports medicine, orthopaedic rehabilitation, electromyography, Blood Flow Restriction and post surgical rehabilitation upon your return to sports.

    While we treat athletes and active patients alike, our practice is not limited to the treatment of sports-related injuries. Living in Luxembourg city necessitates a fairly active lifestyle and our staff is committed to getting our patients of all ages and abilities on the road to recovery without any surgery.