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    Gather your team of ACL specialists to reach your goal to get back in the field!
    8 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
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    About Freek Borlee, PT

    When you've torn your ACL, without a doubt there will be lots of uncertainties and questions what will be best for you to get back to your sports.
    To get surgery or not? What's the best way to train? How long will it take before I can get back out there? Every rehab looks different. That's why you need to look for someone who will make an individual plan.

    That's why it's important you start your rehab with a physical therapist who has lots of experience with ACL patients and knows what it takes to get you back with full confidence and strength. I'll promise clear answers on all your questions. Together we'll get the maximum out of your training for an optimum return to reach your goal.
    “You're not in this alone, form your ACL team”