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    Wouter van Doorn, MSc

    Msc sports physiotherapist
    15 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    Fysiomed B.V.
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    About Wouter van Doorn, MSc

    About Wouter van Doorn, MSc Sports Physiotherapist at Fysiomed Sportsmedical Center in Amsterdam.

    In 2008, Wouter obtained his diploma Physiotherapy at Thim van der Laan, after which he started his career at Fysiomed in Amsterdam. In 2017 he obtained his MSc Sports Physiotherapy with a thesis examining the role of sports physiotherapists in performance training in professional football organizations. Besides Physiotherapist, Wouter is also Head of Physiotherapy and therefore responsible for the quality of rehabilitation trajectories.

    The more he started working with athletes (at all levels) the more passionate he became about sports injuries, especially knee injuries. Since 2008 he treats anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments patients on a daily basis, both professional as well as recreative athletes. This variation is what he loves most about his job. Wouter is easygoing, with a personality that matches all kinds of people: professional athletes, recreative athletes, youngsters, elderly, men, women.

    At Fysiomed we believe that everybody deserves the best quality rehabilitation. That’s why our recreative athletes get the same treatment as our professional athletes, in the same professional setting. During every single rehabilitation trajectory, it is our goal to bring our clients back to their ‘best performance’. The definition of ‘best performance’, varies for each client and is determined at the start of each trajectory.

    We believe that the most optimal result is achieved when the client gets to work with a team of specialists. This means that in each step of the rehabilitation the client is in close contact with a fysio-trainer that has the most relevant knowledge for that specific phase.
    To assure that the quality of the rehabilitation is at a constant level, a team of cruciate ligament specialists work closely together. Sharing their experiences and consulting each other when needed.

    In our experience, we reach the best result when every specialist concentrates on a specific goal in the rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
    Wouter strongly believes that allathletes who finish their rehabilitation at Fysiomed successfully turn out stronger and fitter than before their injury.

    The role of Wouter, as Case Manager and independent Physiotherapist, is to assess the rehabilitation trajectories. By not being involved in these trajectories, these assessments are both objective and trustworthy.

    Our Therapists
    Fysiomed started in 1993 with the focus on physiotherapy and expanded to a sports medical center in 2006, with in total 28 different specialisms. Our mission is: empowering people to perform better, by bringing body, mind and energy systems in optimal balance. The specialists work interdisciplinary with the goal to reach the best result for the client.

    Specialists who are often involved in rehabilitation and performance are:
    * Gautam Kumar, Movement Scientist
    * Jared Miller, Head of Testing.

    Jared is an excellent Performance Trainer and Tester, as well as a former-colleague of Kilian Stoker (Performance Trainer at NOC*NSF). Together they created the 9-12 months periodization for ACL rehabilitations.
    In the previous protocols we are adding energy systems that need to be trained in power and endurance in several phases of the rehabilitation. With the periodization model on macro, meso and micro level we created a training plan in which all kinds of strength qualities and energy systems are specifically designed to complement each other in a functional progression. Also the indoor and outdoor training sessions are synchronized in goals and energy systems as to not cause interference effect.

    Field rehabilitation for our football athletes is executed by Gerian Rietman, physiotherapist and football trainer (level 2).

    Field rehabilitation for our field hockey athletes is executed by Lieke van Wijk, physiotherapist and professional hockey player.

    At Fysiomed we work closely together with Jessica Gal Sportartsen to make sure we don’t lose valuable time waiting for diagnosis and treatment plans (conservative / operative).

    Wouter has a strong network with several Orthopedists in the region of North Holland, for instance Dr. Bas Pijnenburg in Acibadem, Prof. Kerkhoffs in AMC & Dr. Mark Falke in Flevoziekenhuis and Annatommie Clinics. This strong network enables him to provide his clients with the best care. International contacts are Dr. Volker (USA) and Prof. Mariani in Rome (responsible for the recovery of Memphis Depay).

    Sometimes Wouter meets clients who had a bad rehabilitation experience elsewhere. Often because Physiotherapists are involved in rehabilitation trajectories without having the right experience (or setting) to achieve the client’s goals. Wouter believes that the quality of the rehabilitation can be improved, through FC Kruisband/Team ACL, when all specialists cooperate, learn from each other and optimize the protocols together. The ultimate goal is to make sure that all cruciate ligament patients get the best possible treatment and training, so they can do what they love to do most, either in sports or in daily life.
    “Teamwork makes the rehabilitation work”

    Work experience

    • 2008 - Fysiomed MSC