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    Giordano Scinicarelli, Ph.D. Candidate

    Physical & Functional Performance Testing; Pre-Injury Screening; Return-to-Competition; Athletes of all levels; Males & Females; Youth sector
    4 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    German Sport University Cologne
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Giordano Scinicarelli, Ph.D. Candidate
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    About Giordano Scinicarelli, Ph.D. Candidate

    Performance Screening in Training and Therapy:
    - Standardization and implementation of a functional test battery for the lower extremities
    - Inter-limb asymmetries and functional performance deficits
    - Motion capture system (Qualisys) with biomechanical markers and lab set-up
    - Movement quality analysis (Kinetisense) with 3D-Realtime markerless set-up
    - Isokinetic dynamometer for muscle strength imbalances

    - Individualized prevention and rehabilitation training programs
    - Improve performance
    - Decrease injury risk factors
    - Minimize the risk of injury/reinjury
    - Return to competition

    Target Skills:
    Functional movement. Balance. Posture. Proprioception. Coordination. Neuromuscular control. Range of motion. Strength. Power. Speed. Agility. Movement Quality.
    “~ Injury is not a condemnation, but a way to improve oneself again ~”

    Work experience

    • Research Assistant - Institute of Movement-Therapy and Movement-Oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation - German Sport University Cologne

    Memberships of professional organizations

    • 2022 - Team-ACL
    • 2019 - European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA)
    • 2018 - FIFA Medical Network


    • 2022 - Scinicarelli, G.; Offerhaus, C.; Feodoroff, B.; Froböse, I.;Wilke, C. (2022) The Association between Multidirectional Speed Performance, Dynamic Balance and Chronological Age in Young Soccer Players. J. Funct. Morphol. Kinesiol. 7, 41.
    • 2021 - Scinicarelli, G., Offerhaus, C., Feodoroff, B. (2021) Functional performance and interlimb asymmetries of young football players during single-leg jump tests. Ger. J. Exerc. Sport Res. 52, 76–86.
    • 2021 - Scinicarelli, G.; Trofenik, M.; Froböse, I.; Wilke, C. (2021) The Reliability of Common Functional Performance Tests within an Experimental Test Battery for the Lower Extremities. Sports. 9, 100.
    • 2021 - Wilke, C.; Scinicarelli, G.; Schoser, D.S.; Offerhaus, C.; Froböse, I. (2021) Limb symmetry index and pre-injury performance level after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A case report on a female gymnast. Sports Orthop. Traumatol.