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    Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA, FRCms

    Physical Therapist & Owner and Founder Ignite Phyzio & Sports Performance
    12 years
    avg. rehabilitation yearly
    Ignite Phyzio & Sports Performance
    ACL Professionals / Physical Therapist / Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA, FRCms
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    About Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA, FRCms


    - Doctor of Physical Therapy
    - Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
    - SFMA Level 1 certified
    - Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist

    ACL Rehab Expert:

    Ziad brings a unique approach by blending functional movement principles with skilled hands on care. He possesses 11+ years of experience working with athletes across the spectrum from the youth level all the way up to the pros.

    Ziad earned his B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis on clinical exercise science from California State University, Fullerton. He then went on to receive his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Southern California (USC), the number one program in the country.

    Over the years, Ziad has developed a clinical expertise in treating patients post ACL reconstruction in addition to rehabbing overhead athletes’ shoulder and elbow injuries. He has helped hundreds of people return to their sport and life at the highest outcome levels.

    Ziad has a passion for taking the principles of sports performance and applying them to the general population, helping unleash the athlete within all of us. He’s a firm believer that no matter the sport, activity, or life demands, everyone deserves individualized care at the highest level possible.